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Quantum Private Telecommunications

Omar, Y.

Quantum Private Telecommunications, Proc National Conf. on Telecommunications (Peru), Arequipa, Peru, Vol. 10.1109/CONATEL.2011.5958672 , pp. 1 - 3, May, 2011.

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QuantPrivTel - Quantum Private Telecommunications is an ongoing research project that joins the theoretical expertise of the Security and Quantum Information Group (SQIG) at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) in Lisbon, Portugal, and the skills in quantum optics experiments of the Optical Communications group (OC-Av) at IT Aveiro, Portugal, to tackle new challenges in the emergent and multidisciplinary area of quantum private telecommunications. After a brief introduction to quantum information and quantum telecommunication, we will present the main results achieved by the project team so far, namely a quantum-enhanced message authentication protocol and a quantum contract signing protocol, as well as the implementation of quantum channels with optical fibers.