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RF Spectrum Monitoring and Management System Based on an RF Receiver Multi-server Architecture

Postolache, O. ; Girão, P.M. ; Antunes, S.A. ; Tavares, F.A.

RF Spectrum Monitoring and Management System Based on an RF Receiver Multi-server Architecture, Proc International Workshop on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems, Prague, Czech Republic, Vol. 1, pp. 176 - 179, September, 2011.

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In this paper the authors describe an
extension of a distributed spectrum monitoring and
management system that already works and that includes
four main nodes corresponding to the different ANACOM’s
spectrum monitoring centers located at Portuguese islands
and continental Portugal. Due to the necessity to perform
special monitoring actions in regions where the existing
spectrum monitoring system has a limited coverage, a set of
remote RF spectrum monitoring units were designed and
implemented based on the use of “plug-in” low cost RF
receivers. Considering that each remote RF monitoring
node is characterized by Internet connection using
3G/UMTS modems with USB interface, a client/server
architecture was implemented. Each remote station includes
an RF receiver as hardware and a server application
developed in LabVIEW that permits to control the RF
receiver locally but also from the client application installed
on the base stations using the web browser functionalities.
Additional functionalities such as RF spectrum occupancy
tests automatic control, data logging, RF receiver audio
broadcasting, remote unit IP and data file secure transfer,
were implemented on the server side while tasks such multiserver
remote control, SSH file transfer control, data
analysis and report generation functionalities were
implemented on the client side of the application.