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Design of Bragg Sensors for Hemodynamic Assessment

Leitão, C. Leitão ; Bilro, L. ; Antunes, P. ; Alberto, N. ; Lima, H. ; Pinto, J. L.

Design of Bragg Sensors for Hemodynamic Assessment, Proc European Society for Engineering Education Physics Teaching in Engineering Education - PTEE, Manheim, Germany, Vol. --, pp. 1 - 4, September, 2011.

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In this work, a new optical fiber Bragg sensor for hemodynamic assessment, whose main goal is to acquire the carotid pressure wave, is discussed. The sensor implies a unique fiber Bragg grating and uses the distention and contraction movements of the carotid artery to strain the grating and detect the arterial pressure waveform. Some preliminary data acquired in a human subject carotid are presented. Finally, it is discussed the potential impact of the Bragg
technology, and this particular sensor, on physics teaching in engineering education and future projects.