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Treat Me Well: Affective and Physiological Feedback for Wheelchair Users

Postolache, O. ; Girão, P.M. ; Ribeiro, M.R ; Postolache, G.

Treat Me Well: Affective and Physiological Feedback for Wheelchair Users, Proc IEEE International Workshop on Medical Measurements and, Budapest, Hungary, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 7, May, 2012.

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This work reports a electrocardiograph and skin
conductivity hardware architecture, based on E-textile
electrodes, attached to a wheelchair for affective and
physiological computing. Appropriate conditioning circuits and a
microcontroller platform that performs acquisition, primary
processing, and communication using Bluetooth were designed
and implemented. To increase the accuracy and repeatability of
the skin conductivity measuring channel, force measurement
sensors were attached to the system certifying measuring contact
force on the electrode level. Advanced processing including Rwave
peak detector, adaptive filtering and autonomic nervous
system analysis based on wavelets transform was designed and
implemented on a server. A central design of affective recognition
and biofeedback system is described.