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Do you remember or have you forgotten?

Caixinha, A. ; Magalhães, V. ; Alexandre, I.

Do you remember or have you forgotten?, Proc International Conf. on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies - HCist, Vilamoura, Portugal, Vol. , pp. - , October, 2012.

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Dementia is, unfortunately, a well-known problem of nowadays, product of a set of generational transformations as a result of better life conditions. Since, we cannot eradicate this problem; we can try to develop means to minimize the effects in population’s life. Alzheimer disease is one type of dementia that affects already 7,3 million people only in Europe. Alzheimer does not only affect the person who is ill but also their families and friends, at different levels such as personal, emotional, social and financial. In this paper, we present a preliminary version of an interactive application that based on a narrative retrospective of the patient’s life tries to fight the evolution of the disease and maximize the patients’ cognitive function. With this we aim to minimize the effects of the illness and improve the life not only of the patient but also of his/her caring ones.