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Moblist: A signal strength clustering algorithm for ordered mobile scenarios

Sucasas, V.S. ; Radwan, A. ; Marques, H. R. ; Rodriguez, J. ; Tafazolli, R. T.

Moblist: A signal strength clustering algorithm for ordered mobile scenarios, Proc IEEE Global Communications Conference - GLOBECOM, California, United States, Vol. 1, pp. 50 - 56, December, 2012.

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This paper describes a new mobility-aware signal strength based clustering algorithm. To avoid the high re-affiliation rate produced by nodes moving in opposite directions, the proposed approach uses a threshold for stability estimation of mobile neighbours, resulting in a high accurate division of the scenario for cluster formation. In addition, the proposed algorithm increases the reliability of clusterhead selection in the joining process by using a cooperative approach based in neighbour list comparisons. Although the defined relative mobility metric described by the well-known MOBIC algorithm is used to assess mobility, moblist corrects this value by taking into account distance between nodes. Simulation results show that moblist considerably increases the cluster stability w.r.t. MOBIC in terms of residence time of nodes in clusters and reduction in the number of affiliations.