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Resource Allocation in the Network Operator's Cloud: A Virtualization Approach

Soares, J. ; Monteiro, R. ; Carapinha, J. ; Melo, M. ; Sargento, S.

Resource Allocation in the Network Operator's Cloud: A Virtualization Approach, Proc IEEE Symp. on Computers and Communications (ISCC), Cappadocia, Turkey, Vol. no, pp. 800 - 805, July, 2012.

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The access infrastructure to the Cloud is usually a major drawback that limits the uptake of Cloud services. Attention has turned to rethinking a new architectural deployment of the overall Cloud service delivery. We argue that it is not sufficient to integrate the cloud domain with the operator's network domain based on the current models. In this work we envision a full integration of the Cloud and the network, where cloud resources are no longer confined to a data center, but are spread throughout the network and owned by the network operator. In such an environment, challenges arise at different levels, such as at the resource management, where both cloud and network resources need to be managed in an integrated approach. We particularly address the resource allocation problem through joint virtualization of network and cloud resources, by proposing an algorithm to allocate cloud and network resources in an integrated way. This algorithm is evaluated through both simulation and experimental results in a real virtualization platform.