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Optical transmission modeling by means of Volterra series (Invited Paper)

Teixeira, A. ; Reis, J.D.

Optical transmission modeling by means of Volterra series (Invited Paper), Proc SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, United States, Vol. 8647, pp. 8647-15 - --, February, 2013.

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Optical propagation modeling is being pushed to the limits as the usage of optical fiber bandwidth is taken to the limits. Also, the widespread deployment of Passive Optical Networks (PON) requires extra power budgets, which are normally achieved by increased laser optical power or amplification. In these conditions the nonlinear effects become an extra impairment factor, which has to be brought to attention. Furthermore, while compensating their impacts into propagation by means of back-propagation the precise definition of their impact and magnitude is required. In this work we will observe the potential and validity of the Volterra series when applied to both high powers, high channel densities and high-order constellation conditions.