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WLAN-UMTS Integration to Optimize MBMS Provision

Coucelo, J.C. ; Marinheiro, R. ; Silva, J. C. ; Moura, J.A.

WLAN-UMTS Integration to Optimize MBMS Provision, Proc International Conf. on Communications and Signal Processing - MIC-CSP, Barcelona, Spain, Vol. 1, pp. 34 - 38, April, 2012.

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Provision of multimedia services with high bandwidth demands is constantly increasing its share in mobile systems. Aiming a more efficient distribution of multicast/broadcast contents in the UMTS networks, 3GPP introduced the Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS). Even though this technology brought significant improvements regarding the network efficiency, the UTRAN (UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network) remains the network most vulnerable area due to its shortage resources. The integration of wireless LAN (WLAN) access technology in cellular data networks to enhance their services coverage and increase data rates, is an extremely interesting solution for operators. In addition, this solution based on WLAN is easily deployed and can provide additional license-free bandwidth. Therefore, this paper addresses a possible WLAN integration, which uses a UMTS Access Point (UAP) that establishes a WLAN tunnel to provide MBMS data services to UEs with both UMTS and WLAN interfaces. Using this simulation environment, we pretend to measure and conclude about the benefits achieved from merging these two access technologies when delivering MBMS services.