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Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm for HEVC

Nalluri, P ; Alves, L. ; Navarro, A.

Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm for HEVC, Proc IEEE International Conf. on Consumer Electronics - ICCE, Berlin, Germany, Vol. 3, pp. 34 - 37, September, 2012.

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Motion Estimation is an essential process in many video coding standards like MPEG-2, H.264/AVC and HEVC. Despite Motion Estimation has been used at the encoder, it is expected to be used in future consumer devices in the distributed video coding architectures. But the Motion Estimation itself consumes more than 50% coding complexity or time to encode. To reduce the computation time, many fast Motion Estimation Algorithms were proposed and implemented. The present paper proposes a new fast ME algorithm which outperforms the fast ME algorithm implemented in HEVC reference software HM.