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On-the-fly deployment of wireless sensor networks for indoor assisted guidance

Santos, P. ; Crisóstomo, S. ; Abrudan, T. ; Barros, J.

On-the-fly deployment of wireless sensor networks for indoor assisted guidance, Proc International Conf. on Cyber-Physical Systems, Networks, and Applications - CPSNA, Taipei, Taiwan, Vol. tba, pp. 1 - 4, August, 2013.

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The goal of an indoor assisted guidance (AG) system
is to aid people to reach certain points of interest within a
building, regardless of their current location. AG systems can
be efficiently implemented using wireless sensor networks, but
the deployment of such systems faces serious challenges. Most
deployment schemes in the literature require tedious planning
based on floor plan information. Often, such plans are unavailable
or they lack significant information. We introduce a new deployment
scheme for indoor assisted guidance which we call On-the-
Fly Deployment (OFD). The proposed scheme does not require
floor plan information. Motes can be placed by an operator in
a building with arbitrary layout, in an ad-hoc fashion. They
become aware of the building layout and get configured for the
target application already during their placement. The scheme
also provides the operator with visual feedback in order to ensure
correct installation of the system.