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Network Virtualization: a Step Closer For Seamless Resource Mobility

Melo, M. ; Sargento, S. ; Carapinha, J.

Network Virtualization: a Step Closer For Seamless Resource Mobility, Proc IFIP/IEEE International Symp. on Integrated Network Management - IFIP/IEEE IM, Ghent, Belgium, Vol. NA, pp. 692 - 695, May, 2013.

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Virtualization has gained prominent at-tention in the recent years, not only from the academia, but also
from the Industry, mainly due to its numerous features such as
flexibility, programmability, elasticity and dynamicity.
One of the key assets with Network Virtualization is the ability
to move components of the virtual network, or even the entire
virtual network, from one or several physical hosts to others in
real-time and seamlessly to the end-users.
This paper addresses virtual resource mobility from a new
perspective: it proposes Virtual Network (VN) Clone migration,
which requires no assumptions regarding the protocols running
inside the virtual networks or its own architectures, leaving
space for different types of protocols and architectures to be
implemented, tested and used in production scenarios. The results
are very promising: the VN Clone migration achieves no VN
downtimes and it takes just a few seconds to be fully performed.
This makes the VN Clone approach suitable both for non-real
time traffic and voice over IP communications.