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Improving AODV with preemptive local route repair

Crisóstomo, S. ; Sargento, S. ; Brandão, P. ; Prior, R.

Improving AODV with preemptive local route repair, Proc International Workshop on Wireless Ad-hoc Networks - IWWAN, Oulu, Finland, Vol. , pp. 223 - 227, June, 2004.

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This paper proposes an extension to the AODV protocol, denoted Preemptive Local Route Repair (PLRR), that aims to avoid route failures by preemptively local repairing routes when a link break is about to occur. This protocol extension resorts to AODV layer 3 connectivity information with new mobility extensions. Our proposal is to enhance node's information concerning link stability to its neighbours resorting to HELLO messages. These messages are appended with a mobility extension containing the node's position, motion vector and an associated timestamp. This mobility information will be used to predict the instant a link between two neighbours will break. Our proposal does not need to take into account the sender and destination location information, as other location-aided routing protocols. In this proposal, location and mobility information needs to be propagated only between neighbours. This proposal aims at improving the AODV Quality of Service capabilities by minimizing route failures.