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Coordinated Multi-point MIMO Processing for 4G

Correia, A. ; Reis, C. ; Souto, N.S. ; Silva, M.

Coordinated Multi-point MIMO Processing for 4G, Proc Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symp. - PIERS, Guanghzou, China, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 5, August, 2014.

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The concept of cooperative MIMO also named as network MIMO or coordinated multi-point (CoMP) was standardized in 3GPP Release 11. The goal of CoMP is to improve the coverage of high data rates and cell-edge throughput, and also to increase system throughput.
In this paper we analyze only scenario 2 using system level simulations in accordance with 3GPP guidelines.
In conclusion, the use of joint coordinated multipoint transmission achieves additional throughput gains. However, the gains obtained depend on the schedulers employed. The performance results indicate also that the criterion of proportional fairness is important when the number of users is increasing.