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KSGphysio – Kinect Serious Game for Physiotherapy

Duarte, N.D ; Postolache, O.

KSGphysio – Kinect Serious Game for Physiotherapy, Proc International Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Engineering in Medicine and Biology - EPE-W, Iasi, Romania, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 6, October, 2014.

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Serious games fall under a set of applications capable
of improving recovery times by increasing the player's
engagement. In this paper we focus on the possibility of joining
thatcapacity to Microsoft Kinect sensors ability to collect data
without the need of additional sensorsand present an application
capable of giving proper feedback about the player's behavior
during a rehabilitation session. Using an Android OS mobile
platform as interface for the collected data,the proposed solution
is a prototype that aims to facilitate the analysis of the
patient’sprogress during rehabilitation sessions using serious
games. Results associated with arm rehabilitation through
serious gameare included in the present work.