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Feedback management for scaling clients in streaming multicast

Romero, J. ; Almeida, L.

Feedback management for scaling clients in streaming multicast, Proc ACM Symp. on Appl. Computing, Salamanca, Spain, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, April, 2015.

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The increase in the number of mobile devices accessing the Internet creates new problems. A specific case is when a large number of wireless clients try to access the same video stream in the same hot spot, which requires multicast transmission. However, multicast packets are unconfirmed and to compensate their higher loss rate we propose using a feedback repeat request mechanism per client. Then, the number of clients is scaled up by adequately scheduling their feedback in the streaming server. This mechanism also allows managing the QoS provided to the clients controlling their feedback rate independently. Our results confirm the desired scalability with reliable streaming, also leading to an efficient bandwidth usage.