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On Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service for 4G

Correia, A. ; Reis, C. ; Souto, N.S. ; Silva, M.

On Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service for 4G, Proc International Conf. on Telecommunications - ICT, Lisboa, Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 5, May, 2014.

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The enhanced multimedia broadcast multicast
service (eMBMS) was originally introduced in long term
evolution (LTE) release 9 and has been improved in
releases 10 and 11. The goal of eMBMS is to improve the
coverage of high data rates and cell-edge throughput of
broadcast services. In this paper we analyze this service
that in spite of not being widely deployed has received
increased importance due to the availability of new smart
phones and tablet devices creating conditions to become
eMBMS more attractive. The performance results
indicate that the use of soft frequency reuse in single
frequency network is essential for improving eMBMS
throughput and coverage.