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Aligning Opinions: Cross-Lingual Opinion Mining with Dependencies.

Almeida, M. ; Pinto, C. ; Figueira, H. ; Mendes, P. ; Martins, A.

Aligning Opinions: Cross-Lingual Opinion Mining with Dependencies., Proc Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics - ACL, Beijing, China, Vol. -, pp. - - -, July, 2015.

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We propose a cross-lingual framework for fine-grained opinion mining using bitext projection. The only requirements are a running system in a source language and word-aligned parallel data. Our method projects opinion frames from the source to the target language, and then trains a system on the target language using the automatic annotations. Key to our approach is a novel dependency-based model for opinion mining, which we show, as a byproduct,
to be on par with the current state of the art for English, while avoiding the
need for integer programming or reranking. In cross-lingual mode (English to Portuguese), our approach compares favorably to a supervised system (with scarce labeled data), and to a delexicalized model trained using universal tags and bilingual word embeddings.