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Instrumented Equipment and Mobile APPs for Objective Evaluation of Physical Therapy

Postolache, O.

Instrumented Equipment and Mobile APPs for Objective Evaluation of Physical Therapy, Proc International Conf. of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society - EMBC, Milano, Italy, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, August, 2015.

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Several studies demonstrated the limited access to
patient-related information during decision-making, and limited
information provided by physical therapy used equipment
during the rehabilitation process which can be used by the
physiotherapists for objective evaluation of the rehabilitation. In
this mini-symposium my presentation will focus on the
state-of-the-art of smart equipment for physical therapy and
presenting developed motor activity monitoring architectures
that combines instrumented equipment and APPs for mobile
devices. The implemented APPs provide appropriate
information for physiotherapist about the patient health record
and the metrics values associated with the interaction between
patient and the instrumented equipment during rehabilitation
sessions. Novel sensing solutions expressed by piezoresistive
force sensors, MEMS inertial sensors and Doppler radar sensors
are used to sense the user behavior. The appropriate processing
of the wireless received data from instrumented device and the
mobile devices level may permit to perform comparisons
between different training sessions through the rehabilitation
outcome measures. The impact of APPs for physiotherapy service and electronic health record for physiotherapy is also discussed.