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Older adults: are they ready to adopt ICT for physical therapy?

Postolache, O. ; Postolache, G. ; Pedro, LP ; Oliveira, RO

Older adults: are they ready to adopt ICT for physical therapy?, Proc People Inc Asia -Oceania Congress For Neurorehanilitation AOCNR, Seul, Korea, South, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, September, 2015.

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: With continuous growth of the elderly population and healthcare
systems expenditure, various model based on preventive, predictive,
personalized and participatory healthcare are designed and implemented. EPatients
is recognized to be in these models as a valuable and sustainable
resource for improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare services.
However, factors associated to digital divide were reported in various countries
as access and effective usage of information and communication technology
(ICT) as well as awareness, capabilities and skills for self-managed care. The aim
of this study was evaluation of readiness to adopt physical therapy related ICT.
Method: A mixed method that integrates qualitative and quantitative data on
patients’ perspectives on ICT for physical therapy was carried out. Survey
instrument was developed for perspectives evaluation on ICT for physical
therapy of patients receiving physical therapy