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Wave instabilities in a cavity with rotating plasmonic walls

Lannebère, S. ; Silveirinha, M. G.

Wave instabilities in a cavity with rotating plasmonic walls, Proc Metamorphose International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics - METAMATERIALS, Oxford, United Kingdom, Vol. N/A, pp. N/A - N/A, September, 2015.

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We investigate the conditions for the emergence of wave instabilities in a vacuum
cavity delimited by two plasmonic cylinders in relative rotation. We show that for a small air
gap thickness and for rotation velocities above a certain threshold, the interaction between the
surface plasmons of the individual cylinders gives rise to wave instabilities. The instabilities
are observed only for certain modes of oscillation and are due to the transformation of kinetic
energy into electromagnetic energy.