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Memristor State-Space Embedding

Alves, L. ; Dghais, W. Dghais ; Mendes, J. C. ; Rodriguez, J. ; Pedro, J. C.

Memristor State-Space Embedding, Proc European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, Trondheim, Norway, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, August, 2015.

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This paper presents a procedure for the determination of the dimensionality of the state space of a memristive device. The state space dimensionality of a device corresponds to the minimum number of time delayed values/derivatives of the voltage and current required to represent the device dynamics for a specified set of inputs. The algorithm is based on the observed time domain voltage-current (i.e. input-output) data which is obtained by measurement. The determination of the state space dimensionality is important to achieve a single-valued input-output multivariate mapping between the device outputs as a function of the embedding variables. In this paper, this will be accomplished using an embedding technique, based on the false nearest neighbor principle.