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Development of Dry Textile Electrodes for Electromiography

Paiva, A.P. ; Carvalho, H.C. ; Catarino, A.C. ; Postolache, O. ; Postolache, G.

Development of Dry Textile Electrodes for Electromiography, Proc International Conf. on Sensing Technology - ICST, Auckland, New Zealand, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 6, December, 2015.

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The paper presents a practical approach concerning
the design, implementation and testing of dry textile electrodes
for surface electromyography purposes. Several knitted
structures were designed and knitted with conductive yarns, in
order to compare the influence of the fabric structure in the
electrode performance. The effect of the type of conductive yarn
was also studied by comparing three different yarns. It was found
that the textile electrodes perform well for surface EMG (sEMG)
acquisition, with a clear depiction of the muscle activity
produced. There are significant differences between the
structures tested and there is also some influence from the yarn
used. The comfort study based on remote temperature
monitoring of wearable components was carried out.