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Designing Digital Tools for Physiotherapy

Postolache, G. ; Oliveira, RO ; Postolache, O.

Designing Digital Tools for Physiotherapy, Proc EAI International Conference on Design, Learning & Innovation DLI , ESBJERG,, Denmark, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 14, May, 2016.

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With advances in information and communication technologies (ICT), dramatic changes have been produced in physiotherapy provision. However, low adoption of the developed technologies underscores the importance for better theoretical model and methods for ICT design that may fulfill the needs of physiotherapists and their patients. In this work we discuss the framework of designing ICT for physiotherapy based on some results obtained from the physiotherapists and the patients related perspectives on electronic health records for physiotherapy. We underscore the importance of considering the context – the conditions in social and physical environment as well as end-users internal conditions to be in place for a specific physiotherapy process.