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Modular Health Kiosk for Health Self-Assessment

Soares, E. S. ; Oliveira, C.O ; Maia, J.M. ; Almeida, R.A. ; Brandão, P. ; Coimbra, M. ; Prior, R.

Modular Health Kiosk for Health Self-Assessment, Proc IEEE workshop on ICT Solutions for eHealth ICTS4sHealth, Messina, Italy, Vol. NA, pp. NA - NA, June, 2016.

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We describe the architecture, problems and lessons learned from building a Health Kiosk from commercial, off-the shelf Personal Health Devices and a computer with a touch-screen interface. The kiosk is used autonomously by patients to measure vital data prior to a consultation, in the scope of a population screening, or for routinely monitoring. The prototype was tested in multiple events with different user groups, aided by observer reporting and user questionnaires to assess problems and difficulties with the interface and device usage.