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Multicasting of MPEG-2 video with multiple bandwidth constraints

Assunção, P.A. ; Ghanbari, M.

Multicasting of MPEG-2 video with multiple bandwidth constraints, Proc International Packet Video Workshop , Brisbane, Australia, Vol. 1, pp. 235 - 238, March, 1996.

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In the multi-casting of compressed video, the maximum transmission rate allowed for the bit stream is limited by the channel or network node with the least available bandwidth. Therefore if a bottleneck exists in the network, either all users will receive low quality video because of the constraint in that link, or the users on the constrained link will suffer heavy losses. In this paper we present an efficient solution for this problem. We show that the major bottlenecks within the distribution network can incorporate an MPEG-2 transcoder acting as a rate controller, such that the video quality received by each end-user is independent from the transmission paths of the others.