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A B-Learning Model for Business Education Towards the Bolonha Process Goals

Rodrigues, S. ; Assunção, P.A.

A B-Learning Model for Business Education Towards the Bolonha Process Goals, Proc GBATA Global Business and Technology Association Conference, Moscow, Russia, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 4, July, 2006.

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This paper describes a b-learning model for higher education courses on business and administration. In general, the traditional way of delivering business education is through classroom lectures, but information and communication technology (ICT) is rapidly changing the classic paradigm of teaching and learning in the global world by connecting people, shortening distances among them, communicating, and sharing knowledge. Nowadays ICT provides interesting tools to teach and learn in diverse contexts; it broadens access to knowledge; it allows to learn anywhere at anytime at students’ own space. It is believed that interactive online sessions can sustain a network-enabled learning environment by boosting discussion, exchange experiences, and sharing work. This paper seeks to develop a model that encompasses the new challenges of business education towards the Bologna process based on both traditional and e-learning methods. It attempts to provide a learning model that is focused on the development of skills rather than knowledge transmission. The model illustrates key elements towards student’s skills development: the lectures, the students, the market/enterprises, the self learning activities and interaction with the market employability.