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MTU Assignment in a Master-Slave Switched Ethernet Network

Ashjaei, M.A. ; Behnam, MB ; Nolte, TN ; Almeida, L.

MTU Assignment in a Master-Slave Switched Ethernet Network, Proc International Workshop on Real-Time Networks - RTN, Paris, France, Vol. ., pp. . - ., July, 2013.

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n this paper, we investigate the problem of selecting the Maximal Transmission Unit (MTU) size that maximizes the
schedulability of real-time messages. We focus on a bandwidth-efficient master-slave switched Ethernet protocol, namely the FTT-SE protocol. We propose an algorithm to find the MTU for each message in order to maximize the schedulability of the messages. Moreover, we evaluate our proposed algorithm and we show that setting the MTU for messages using the algorithm increases the schedulability of messages compared with assigning the MTU to the maximum value that the protocol can support.