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3D Scanner Based on an Autonomous Wi-Fi Unmanned Mini Quadcopter

Taipe, D. ; Marcillo, D. ; Pereira, J.

3D Scanner Based on an Autonomous Wi-Fi Unmanned Mini Quadcopter, Proc World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies - WorldCist, Porto Santo, Portugal, Vol. , pp. 551 - 558, April, 2017.

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This research is about how to create 3D model objects using an autonomous
unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Our system is composed by a small drone
that has Wi-Fi, a mini camera, and it can be controlled remotely by a smartphone.
A smart network of Wi-Fi access points with directional and remote controlled
antennas are utilized to determine the location of the mini drone, using the Angle
of Arrival (AoA) method. By estimating its position, our mini UAV is able to
follow automatically a planned route around an object. During its trajectory, our
UAV takes automatically some photos that can be used to generate a 3D model
using appropriate software.