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Long range communications in urban and rural environments

Oliveira, R. ; Guardalben, L. ; Sargento, S.

Long range communications in urban and rural environments, Proc IEEE International Symp. on Computers and Communications - ISCC, Heraklion, Greece, Vol. 978-1-5386-1629-1, pp. 1 - 6, September, 2017.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ISCC.2017.8024627

Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) are prominent technologies in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). Due to the long range capabilities and low energy consumption, Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) are the ideal technologies to send small data occasionally. With their unique characteristics, LPWANs can be used in many applications and in different environments such as urban, rural and even indoor. The work in this paper presents a study on the LPWAN LoRa technology, by testing and evaluating its range, signal quality properties and its performance in delivering data. Three distinct scenarios are proposed and tested, one rural and two urban scenarios in Portugal. The maximum communication range achieved was 5660 meters for the rural scenario and around 2000 meters for the urban ones, and we concluded that there are three essential scenario characteristics that influence the achieved results: distance, elevation difference and obstacles in the signal path.