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Winegrid ® : the remote and real-time wine production process monitoring system

Oliveira, N. D. Oliveira ; Duarte, D. ; Goncalves, F. ; Costa, P. Costa ; Fontes, N. ; Prior, P. ; Graça, A. ; Figueira, M. ; Bilro, L. ; Nogueira, R.N.

Winegrid ® : the remote and real-time wine production process monitoring system, Proc World Congress of Vine and Wine, Sofia, Bulgaria, Vol. , pp. 1 - 6, May, 2017.

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The Winegrid® system uses advanced multiparameter sensors for in vat/barrel real time wine quality assessment. This system allows wine producers to deploy a sensor unit on each container (tank, vat, barrel), obtaining real time assessment of key parameters (turbidity, density, colour intensity, colour hue, temperature and level) along all the wine production process. The quality of measurement is complemented by a unique IOT platform to collect data from the sensors wirelessly and send data to the Cloud. A dedicated analytic software is used for real time data processing, classification, anomaly detection and prediction. It includes a historical database with remote analysis and prediction capabilities.
In this paper, the fermentation profiles (density, temperature and chromatic properties), obtained using the Winegrid® system, of different 2016 wines (rosé and red) will be presented. For the wine maturation monitoring, a level sensor was placed in a barrel and the level variation profile acquired. These tests were performed in operational conditions at SOGRAPE VINHOS, S.A.
Results prove the suitability of Winegrid® system for remote and real-time monitoring of wine production process.