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Autonomous vehicles coordination through voting-based decision-making

Teixeira, M. ; d´Orey, P. M. ; Kokkinogenis, Z.

Autonomous vehicles coordination through voting-based decision-making, Proc International Conference on Agreement Technologies AT, Bergen, Norway, Vol. , pp. - , December, 2018.

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Collective autonomous vehicle (AV) coordination is currently a focus in academic and industrial research, that attempts to solve their maneuvering strategies in conflict situations to optimize traffic flow and improve road safety. This work presents a preliminary study on voting mechanisms in achieving consensus over the cruise speed of a platoon formation. To validate the study we have integrated an agent-oriented platform with a microscopic traffic simulator and communication network model. This allows for the simulation of autonomous vehicles constrained in a sufficiently realistic traffic environment and with consideration for potential communication losses and delays. The case study ran on this integration is the validation of the voting mechanisms on the platoon’s cruising speed selection scenario.