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Full-Duplex Jamming for Enhanced Hidden-Key Secrecy

Dryer, Z. ; Nickerl, A. ; Gomes, M. ; Vilela, J.P. ; Harrison, W. K. Harrison

Full-Duplex Jamming for Enhanced Hidden-Key Secrecy, Proc IEEE International Conference on Communications - ICC , Shanghai, China, Vol. , pp. - , May, 2019.

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This paper presents a practical physical-layer security scheme based on coding methodologies combined with self-jamming to combat advantaged eavesdroppers, i.e., eavesdroppers that may possess an equal or even better channel than the legitimate receiver. We introduce a strengthened security gap notion, where reliability is assured by typical bit-error rate (BER) measurements, but secrecy is guaranteed by considering the entire distribution of messages upon reception, instead of average measures. Relying on this new security gap notion, we then propose a scheme that combines concatenated coding with self-jamming by the legitimate receiver for effective security and reliability even when eavesdroppers possess a channel with equal or better conditions than the legitimate receiver.