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A Proposal for Fault-Tolerant and Self-Healing Hybrid SDN Control Network

Rehman, A. ; Aguiar, R. ; Barraca, J. P.

A Proposal for Fault-Tolerant and Self-Healing Hybrid SDN Control Network, Proc Inforum - Simpósio de Informática, Aveiro, Portugal, Vol. , pp. - , October, 2017.

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This paper focuses the management and automation concepts of future reliable and dynamic networks. Due to the advent of new communication and networking approaches, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud computing technologies are being proposed for future programmable networks. There have been significant research studies on exploring these techniques. However, a few research studies have been carried out that highlighted SDN reliability (Fault-Tolerance), resiliency and security aspects. Therefore, there is a need to explore reliability, resiliency and security aspects in profound detail. These aspects are essential for making future networking paradigms feasible, for 5G and beyond 5G networks. Considering these challenges, we explore new SDN resilience and reliability mechanisms and propose out-of-band, Self-Healing and centralized hybrid SDN control network design to guarantee reliable communication. In addition to that, there is an added in-band control mechanism to support resilience in SDN to guarantee higher reliability. Furthermore, this added in-band control also supports SDN compatibility with legacy networks. Therefore, our proposed design provides a way to guarantee resiliency and offer enhanced reliability in SDN networks. To evaluate the performance and the dependability of the proposed Fault-Tolerant and Self-Healing hybrid SDN control network, we aim to implement Fault-Injection with new approaches specific to SDN. This approach not only enables monitoring of end-to-end reliability mechanisms for SDN in dynamic networking environments but also acts as a tool to validate our strategies for testing reliability in SDN and future dynamic networking scenarios.