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Irregular Quadrature Amplitude Modulation for Adaptive Physical-Layer Security

Searle, H. ; Gomes, M. ; Vilela, J. ; Harrison, W. K. Harrison

Irregular Quadrature Amplitude Modulation for Adaptive Physical-Layer Security, Proc IEEE Global Communications Conference - GLOBECOM, Waikoloa, HI, United States, Vol. , pp. - , December, 2019.

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We propose adding an irregular quadrature ampli- tude modulation (QAM) constellation to a wireless transmission scheme in order to obtain greater control over the signal-to- noise ratio (SNR) required to successfully decode the signal. By altering the separation between adjacent symbols, the minimum required SNR is raised without degradation in the performance of the scheme. This allows the system to adapt to preferable channel conditions for the authorized user, making it harder for eavesdroppers to intercept and decode the transmission, thus making the communication safer. In addition, we show that by overlaying a coset code onto the QAM constellation, a new, stronger security gap metric can be further improved. Results show the effectiveness of this strategy with an interleaved coding for secrecy with a hidden key (ICSHK) scheme.