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Synthesis of mm-Wave circuits using-EM-simulated passive structure libraries

Passos, F. ; Roca, E. ; Castro-López, R. ; Horta, N. ; Fernandez, F. V. Fernandez

Synthesis of mm-Wave circuits using-EM-simulated passive structure libraries, Proc IEEE International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Methods and Applications to Circuit Design - SMACD, Lausanne, Switzerland, Vol. , pp. - , July, 2019.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/SMACD.2019.8795219

Millimeter-wave circuit design is extremely complex and time-consuming. One of the reasons is the dependence on electromagnetic simulators used to accurately predict the performance of the high amount of passive structures that compose such circuits. Also, achieving optimal performances is not trivial in the millimeter-wave regime. Although synthesis methodologies can aid the designer to achieve optimal circuit performances, the usage of electromagnetic simulators is prohibitive in such methodologies due to efficiency issues. In this work, a new synthesis methodology is presented where the accuracy of electromagnetic simulations can be included without losing efficiency.