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Modelling IoT technology for a cargo port

Postolache, O. ; Yang, Y. ; Zhong, M. ; Yao, H. ; Yu, F. ; Fu, X. ; Chao, M.

Modelling IoT technology for a cargo port, Proc IMEKO Joint IMEKO TC1-TC7-TC13 Symposium, St Petersburg, Russia, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 6, July, 2019.

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A work on modelling Internet of Things architecture for cargo ports is described. The main things and their roles in a cargo port, different sensors and instrumentation that was used or might be used for sensing and control in a cargo port,
and some examples of IoT technologies that might contribute for improving the safety
of processes and the security of the port are presented. By increasing the accessibility
and accuracy of relevant information, IoT technologies may increase efficiency and
quality of services in cargo ports, the operational safety and security of the ports.