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Interchanging Cloud Providers Instances Through Ubiquitous Devices

Simões, T. ; Costa, J. ; Rodrigues, J. R. ; Hu, L. H.

Interchanging Cloud Providers Instances Through Ubiquitous Devices, Proc Cloud Computing: International Conference on Cloud Computing CloudComp, Wuhan, China, Vol. 133, pp. 49 - 49, October, 2013.

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Cloud computing dominates the current research landscape as a hot topic for researchers, companies, and customers where there is a growing need to transparently link services and infrastructures. Mobile devices, such as, smartphones or tablets play a key role for these purposes. The presence of dissimilar technologies among cloud providers is delivering chaos to the function of interoperability among providers. The existence of several technologies, terminologies, architectures, and business strategies are contributing to aggravate thins even further. In this paper, cloud computing providers, architecture, service, and deployment stack are discussed. Then, a cloud instance interoperability model is proposed. This model is presented to solve the interoperability issue between cloud providers. Five major components intended to ubiquitous devices are proposed in order to easily export and import computational resources, configurations, structures, virtual machines, billing information, helpdesk tickets, and further related information between cloud providers