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IoT based Model of Healthcare for Physiotherapy

Postolache, G. ; Postolache, O. ; Dias Pereira, J. M. ; Girão, P.M. ; Viegas, V.

IoT based Model of Healthcare for Physiotherapy, Proc International Conf. on Sensing Technology - ICST, Sydney, Australia, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 6, December, 2019.

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— Small and reliable devices that are used not only in clinics or hospital but also in home, give information on movements, activities or other relevant data on person health and functioning. The data acquired by these devices would increase the accessibility to healthcare services and quality of care, in a safe environment. There are scarce data related to integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into information system for physiotherapy or motor rehabilitation. In this work it is presented a framework for IoT based information system for physiotherapy. The presented model for physiotherapy includes: the capacity of IoT based information system to receive inputs from different modalities; support for modularity and common communication technologies for IoT; gateway capabilities and/or edge computing; data storage and analysis in Server, Cloud Server or Microservices. Research is needed for better understanding what is the optimal model and architecture for IoT platforms targeting people with different types of disabilities, as well as an optimal universal design that may increase the quality of care for people with disability