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Robust depth estimation from multi-focus plenoptic images

Faria, S.M.M. ; Thomaz, L. A. ; Távora, L.M. ; Assunção, P.A. ; Pinto, R. ; Cunha, F.

Robust depth estimation from multi-focus plenoptic images, Proc IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Vol. , pp. - , October, 2020.

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This paper describes a robust depth estimation algorithm for multi- focus plenoptic images. The main feature of the proposed method consists of a hybrid template matching scheme built-upon intensity and local phase information, which adapts to the blurriness of neigh- bouring lenslet microimages. By reducing the impact of defocus- blur on the template matching accuracy, the proposed method effi- ciently handles the varying triangulation baseline over the depth-of- field, thus discarding the need for scene-related information such as the expected range of disparities. Experimental results demonstrate the robustness of the proposed method over the most used commer- cially available depth estimation algorithm, achieving a reduction of 73% on the depth estimation error.