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mm-Wave Backscatter front-end for 5G-IoT/WPT Applications

Matos, D. ; Correia, R. ; Carvalho, N.B.C.

mm-Wave Backscatter front-end for 5G-IoT/WPT Applications, Proc International Electron Devices Meeting IEDM, Conference Online, Vol. , pp. - , December, 2020.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/IEDM13553.2020.9372024

This paper presents a compact mm-Wave backscatter front-end based on a single p-HEMT device for IoT and WPT applications. The proposed circuit is capable of perform low order modulations, such as PSK or ASK, in a wide range of frequencies. Among the state of the art presents one of the lowest power consumptions, with a static power consumption of 60 fW and dynamic power consumption with a maximum value of 72 µW. Also shows a good Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) performance for different the different data rates tested and with different values of input. The circuit reduced size along with its performance show that can be integrated in IoT/WPT device in a 5G scenario.