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Reconfigurable millimetre-wave RF front-end for radar and 5G applications

Duarte, L. ; Reis, J. R. ; Leonor, N. ; Ribeiro, C. ; Alves, L. ; Caldeirinha, Rafael

Reconfigurable millimetre-wave RF front-end for radar and 5G applications, Proc Conference on Telecommunications - ConfTele, Leiria, Portugal, Vol. , pp. - , February, 2021.

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This paper proposes a reconfigurable RF architecture to cope with radar applications in autonomous driving vehicles and the next generation of communications (5G). A radio front-end architecture operating at frequencies between 24 and 27.5 GHz to deliver a small form-factor design that could easily be changed and ease future improvements, has been developed. Based on X-microwave ecosystem, a fully reconfigurable mmWave RF front-end has been designed and experimentally characterised. Due to the high modularity of the proposed front-end architecture, each mmWave RF component is tested and characterised in the frequency range of 24-27 GHz, allowing the final prototype to be used in future radar and communication systems. Results for the proposed architecture are presented at the component level, and, then with transmitter and receiver in back-to-back configuration. End-to-end testing and performance analysis clearly show the X-Microwave based solutions performance and the proper operation of the designed front-end in the up-/down-conversion of the baseband signal.