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Design of a Complete BCH Codec for DVB-S2 Applications

Falcão, G. ; Gomes, M. ; Silva, V. ; Silva, L. C. S. ; Marques, N. A. M. ; Falcão,

Design of a Complete BCH Codec for DVB-S2 Applications, Proc Jornadas sobre Sistemas Reconfiguráveis - REC, Braga, Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. 75 - 80, February, 2008.

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Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghen (BCH) codes are used as the outer coding in the Forward Error Correction system for the second-generation of the Digital Video Broadcasting Standard (DVB-S2). The high-speed requirements, long block length codes and adaptive encoding defined in the DVB-S2 standard, present complex challenges in the design of an efficient hardware implementation of BCH encoding and decoding systems.
In this paper, synthesizable HDL models for a complete BCH codec, which support the 21 BCH different codes defined in the DVB-S2 standard are proposed. The encoder is based on a serial architecture, while the decoder architecture is parallel. An efficient Chien search circuit for shortened BCH codes is also proposed. Synthesis results for an FPGA device from Xilinx are reported.