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Artificial Neural network approach for obesity-hypertension classification

Postolache, O. ; Joaquim, J M ; Postolache, G. ; Girão, P.M.

Artificial Neural network approach for obesity-hypertension classification, Proc INSTICC International Conf. on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing - Biosignals, Porto, Portugal, Vol. I, pp. 514 - 520, January, 2009.

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One of the newest targets of public health is management of obesity. Organ damage and associated clinical condition in obese people increase with the extent of risk factor clustering. In this paper is presented the use of the artificial neural network based model for objective method detection of obesity-hypertension classification. Different neural network architectures were tested and hybrid processing including comparators, and competitive processing blocks were developed. The neural network functionality is the classification of the individuals according to the obesity risks. The results show that the neural network classifier is consistent with the standard criteria suggested by the obesity and hypertension guidelines