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SiGe 30GHz active inductor based on cascode gyrator

Torres, J. ; Costa Freire, J.

SiGe 30GHz active inductor based on cascode gyrator, Proc Asia Pacific Microwave Conf. - APMC, Hong kong, Hong Kong, Vol. C4-09, pp. no page - no page, December, 2008.

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On Si MMICs spiral inductors require large amounts of substrate area, high series resistance, crosstalk problems and don’t allow inductance adjustments. At lower frequencies inductances has been synthesized with GICs realized with Opamps. At microwave the gyrators are obtained connecting at least two transistors in a feedback loop [1], [2]. In this paper, active inductors fabricated in IHP SG25H3 SiGe BiCMOS process are discussed [3]. The goal of the study presented is to obtain active inductors to be used on VCO and tuned active filters at 30GHz. At such high frequency, only active inductors on high cost GaAs based technologies were reported [4].