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Ku band voltage controlled oscillator on SiGe

Torres, J. ; Costa Freire, J.

Ku band voltage controlled oscillator on SiGe, Proc , Macau, China, Vol. 1, pp. 0 - 1, November, 2008.

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Abstract¡X In this paper the design and test of a monolithic VCO implemented in a 0.25ƒÝm SiGe technology is presented. The oscillator frequency is changing from 12 till 16GHz when the control voltage changes from 0 to 2V. The output power is
-10dBm@50Ă. The total power consumption is 40mW but 70% is to supply the output buffer amplifier. The predicted VCO phase noise, on the 12GHz to 16GHz frequency range is changing from -103dBc/Hz to -82dBc/Hz at an offset frequency of 1MHz.