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Dynamic simulation planning of mobile WiMAX networks

Pereira, G. ; Rodrigues, A. J. ; Sebastião, P.

Dynamic simulation planning of mobile WiMAX networks, Proc Conf. on Telecommunications - ConfTele, Vila da Feira, Portugal, Vol. , pp. 1 - 1, May, 2009.

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This paper presents a tool for dynamic simulation of radio resources in WiMAX IEEE802.16e-2005 networks. The developed tool provides an integrated environment for defining user scenario characteristics, BS planning, simulation and analysis.
For implementing the different mechanisms of WiMAX radio technology, the simulation tool kernel is defined on a system-level, dynamic, stochastic and a discrete event driven simulation model.
With the purpose of validating the simulation model, two phases of testing were considered: coverage and capacity. The results confirm the developed tool validity and its good functionality in what scenario definition, simulation and analysis are concerned.