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The Whole Mesh Deformation Model for 2D and 3D Image Segmentation

Sousa, M. ; Lenkiewicz, P. ; Freire, M.

The Whole Mesh Deformation Model for 2D and 3D Image Segmentation, Proc IEEE International Conf. on Image Processing - ICIP, Cairo, Egypt, Vol. 1, pp. 7 - 11, November, 2009.

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In this paper we present a novel approach for image
segmentation using Active Nets and Active Volumes. Those
solutions are based on the Deformable Models, with slight
difference in the method for describing the shapes of
interests – instead of using a contour or a surface they
represented the segmented objects with a mesh structure,
which allows to describe not only the surface of the objects
but also to model their interiors. This is obtained by dividing
the nodes of the mesh in two categories, namely internal and
external ones, which will be responsible for two different
tasks. In our new approach we propose to negate this
separation and use only one type of nodes. Using that
assumption we manage to significantly shorten the time of
segmentation while maintaining its quality.