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A New 3D Image Segmentation Method for Parallel Architectures

Sousa, M. ; Lenkiewicz, P. ; Freire, M.

A New 3D Image Segmentation Method for Parallel Architectures, Proc IEEE International Conf. on Multimedia and Expo - ICME, New York, United States, Vol. 1, pp. 1813 - 1816, June, 2009.

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This paper presents a novel model for 3D image
segmentation and reconstruction. It has been designed with
the aim to be implemented over a computer cluster or a
multi-core platform. The required features include a nearly
absolute independence between the processes participating
in the segmentation task and providing amount of work as
equal as possible for all the participants. As a result, it is
avoid many drawbacks often encountered when performing
a parallelization of an algorithm that was constructed to
operate in a sequential manner. Furthermore, the proposed
algorithm based on the new segmentation model is efficient
and shows a very good, nearly linear performance growth
along with the growing number of processing units. 1