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Evaluation of Resource Reservation Protocols for IP over OBS Networks

Rodrigues, J. R. ; Vaidya, B.

Evaluation of Resource Reservation Protocols for IP over OBS Networks, Proc International Conf. on Transparent Networks – ICTON , Ponta Delgada, Portugal, Vol. CD, pp. - - -, June, 2009.

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Optical burst switching (OBS) was proposed as an alternative optical switching paradigm, in order to overcome the limitations of optical circuit and optical packet switching paradigms. In OBS networks, resource reservation protocol plays a key role for better resource allocation along the path from source to destination data transmission. In this paper, we focus and consider some of the relevant one-way resource reservation protocols available on the literature, Just-In-Time (JIT), Enhanced Just-In-Time (E-JIT), JumpStart, JIT+, Just-Enough-Time (JET), and Horizon. After, we present a performance evaluation of one-way resource reservation protocols in OBS networks. Results clearly show the importance of the way links are connected in OBS networks, since, in this kind of networks, burst loss probability is a key issue. Moreover, the performance of the six protocols is very close for those topologies. However, it is shown that E-JIT may lead to a better performance than the other resource reservation protocols considered in this study, mainly, for small burst loss probabilities.